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The main scope of our activity is Part-66 B1 and B2 type training for aircraft maintenance personnel. We offer B737CL/NG, B757, B767, A320,  A330,

CRJ 100/200, Q400 trainings. 


We run courses that are open to anybody and are publicly advertised. All applicants are very welcome to these courses, whether they are private individuals or people appointed by a company. The open courses are only started if there are minimum number of students.

There is usually no precondition to participate in the courses but applicants are always informed what previous knowledge is necessary for the successful completion of the course 

Courses for companies

Some of our courses are run when ordered by maintenance companies, airlines, airports or other related companies. The participants of the above courses are appointed by the company ordering the course. If there are any vacancies on the course, there is a possibility for other people to join.

You can order private training for your company, at your location as well. Please call for an offer for you private training.  

Thanks! Message sent.


Part-147 approved practical training can be provided by AEROK Ltd's subcontractors (Lufthansa Technik Budapest Ltd., AEROPLEX Ltd.) at Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Budapest - after successful finishing the theoretical part of type training.

The practical training is performed by instructors/assessors having AEROK’s authorization for training on aircraft and using AEROK’s Part-147 approved documentations and procedures.


The starting date of practical training depends on the availability of airplanes. Usually the final confirmation of practical training is possible 1 to 3 weeks before the planned starting date only. AEROK makes the necessary program coordination with sub-contractor companies.


The candidate has to make a contract with - and the practical course fee is due to pay to - the sub-contractor company s directly – shortly before or during the practical training. During the training the candidates take part on demonstrations of different tasks listed in a logbook. The practical training is finished by assessment of some tasks performed/demonstrated by candidate and which are selected from the logbook randomly.


The practical training Part-147 certificate is issued by AEROK after successful finishing the training – in case of request– on the day of assessment.


The prices given in the practical course programs are valid for the case when the candidate finished the theoretical training at AEROK Ltd previously. In case of only practical education ordered, the customer must pay an increased by 130 EUR/person (including VAT) fee of as well.

WE can PROVIDE 79 different type of courses

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