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We are training and re-training the technical maintenance staff of commercial aeroplanes

Course participants learn about the specifications, operation, ground and on-board handling, testing and maintenance practices of the Airbus A320, A330 type families, as well as of Boeing B767, Boeing B737 Bombardier CRJ 200, Q400 and Fokker F70/100 passenger aeroplanes.

In addition to the technical training we also provide training courses for different groups of staff working in civil aviation. We run basic training courses and refreshing courses for flight attendants, airport ground staff as well as for airline station managers working in foreign countries.

 we offer a wide range of services 

  • design and organize complete trainings.

  • organizing and managing type trainings (theoretical and practical)

  • ensuring training materials and devices

  • other aviation related courses

  • preparing training materials

  • training management

  • renting classrooms

The founder members of the company have gained decades of professional experience. We started our career in the Aviation Training Centre established at Ferihegy, Budapest Airport in the 1970's where we first held courses on the aeroplane types used at that time. In 2003 our centre was awarded the JAR-147 Approval Certificate, to certify that we meet the international requirements.

At the end of 2003 we decided to continue our training activity in a newly established company, independent of the former 

Aviation Training Centre. The new company, named AEROK, got the 

instructors are highly qualified

with decades of training  and technical experience in aviation

Our instructors have delivered more than hundred trainings since AEROK was founded in our training centre and also around the world.


Through these years AEROK has formed fruitful relationship and co-operation with many companies and gained positive references about our instructors' professional work.

Our traning centre is located at easy accesible part of Budapest.

HUNGARY 1191, budapest, Ulloi ut 200

The newly renovated training centre, occupying about 350 square meters, comprises five training rooms of different sizes, a library for students and a staff room. In the library students can study aviation technical literature, the technical documentation of the aircraft types instructed by our company as well as our own training materials. 

Thanks to the well functioning public transportation of the city Liszt Ferenc International Airport and the nice, historic downtown of Budapest also can be reached easily. You can find plenty of accommodation close to our training center.

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